Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

First love. You don’t know how it ended or did it end. On this very day, you kept on thinking how things went through for the both of you. How things slipped away and not knowing what really had happen. On this day, you keep on saying to others you forgot him but when you’re all by yourself, you know in your heart, you never really did. Your first love, always, one and only. 

Love is just for the pretty girls and boys. Look around you, he loves you if you’re good looking, sexy, dresses nicely, smells good, has good skin yeah… when you are like a doll or a model. Seldom are those people who love you for what you are inside and no matter how many times society says that the a pretty heart is greater than a pretty face at the end no one sees the real you in a glimpse of an eye. No one falls in love with your personality first because it the face that attracts. You don’t look good I ain’t wasting time knowing you. Where is true love? 

Gamer ako! 
Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon White
Pokemon Black 
Pokemon Leaf Green
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Sapphire 
Call of Duty: World of War
God of War
God of War 2
NBA 2K12
NBA 2K13
NBA 2K14 
Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Tekken Tag 
Just Dance
Marvel vs, Capcom 
Need for speed 
Need for speed 2 
Mortal Kombat
Crash Bandicot 
Arthur and the invisibles 
Ninja turtles 
Mario Racing Kart

Gamer ako! 

  1. Pokemon Fire Red
  2. Pokemon Ruby
  3. Pokemon Diamond
  4. Pokemon White
  5. Pokemon Black 
  6. Pokemon Leaf Green
  7. Pokemon Yellow
  8. Pokemon Sapphire 
  9. Call of Duty: World of War
  10. God of War
  11. God of War 2
  12. NBA 2K12
  13. NBA 2K13
  14. NBA 2K14 
  15. Final Fantasy: Dissidia
  16. Tekken
  17. Tekken Tag 
  18. Just Dance
  19. Marvel vs, Capcom 
  20. Worms
  21. Need for speed 
  22. Need for speed 2 
  23. Mortal Kombat
  24. Crash Bandicot 
  25. Arthur and the invisibles 
  26. Ninja turtles 
  27. Naruto 
  28. Mario Racing Kart


Its a weekend and I’m supposed to be resting or taking a day off from life. But, here I am in front of the computer doing my lesson plan and everything my students will be needing for their learning. I just want to say to every student here that do not treat studying like a just there are teachers in this world sacrificing their time and life pleasures just to teach you effectively. Let’s make every time productive. Kudos to every teacher in this world! <3 

Kapit bahay ko si Yeng Constantino.

Swear! Bago pa siya pumasok ng Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) at naging teacher ko pa yung kapatid niya. Sobrang saya ko lang na ikakasal na siya ngayon, deserve na deserve niya ang kasiyahan niya! 

“Miss Everdeen it’s the things we love the most that destroy us" 

Miss Everdeen it’s the things we love the most that destroy us

Yeng and Yan <3

Hindi ba pwedeng kapag nagmahal ka, siya na. Yung tipong nagkita kayo, nanligaw ka o niligawan ka, sinagot mo tapos kayo na, nagtagal, napakasal. Hindi ko maintindihan ang pag-ibig, kung saya ang dulot nito bakit kailangan mahulog ka pa sa maling tao at masaktan, bakit kailangan ka pang lokohin at paasahin sa pagmamahal na hindi naman para sayo.